Where does the magic happen?

Tepoztlan - authentic, safe, and traditional village that time has forgotten

We are located in our spectacular specially-designed culinary retreat in Tepoztlan – the original “Pueblo Magico.” This is where it all happens! We also offer special packages throughout the year on a limited basis in Puebla and Oaxaca City (2-week Gourmet Road Trip May), Cuetzalan/Puebla City (Huipil Festival Sept./Oct.), and Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (Coastal Weeks Feb./March).

Tepoztlàn: El Pueblo Magico

La Villa Bonita Beach Cooking Classes

Puerto Escondido

Oaxacan Beach Weeks

Do you like the ocean breeze in your hair? Do you enjoy the gentle sway of palm trees as surfers take to the waves? Do you love exquisite Oaxacan cuisine? Then La Villa Bonita Beach Weeks are for you in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Generally in February and March we have anywhere between 3-5 weeks of cooking, sun, and fun in a wonderful mansion overlooking the sea.


Puebla City and Cuetzalan

Witness an Incredible Cultural Celebration

September 28 – October 5 is the date each year for an incredible culinary and cultural journey. We start the week in Tepoztlan at La Villa Bonita, then we go to Puebla, Puebla and finish at the beautiful Huipil Festival in Cuetzalan, Puebla. Witness the selection of the Huipil Queen as she discusses the traditions and qualities of her village.

La Villa Bonita return guests on the gourmet road trip

Gourmet Road Trip

This is a trip for the adventurous foodie as we take a 2-week culinary venture to meet food producers, drink makers, dine in the finest restaurants, meet chefs, cook exquisite dishes and enjoy the good life!

Join us on the trip of a lifetime to places like Oaxaca, Puebla, Tlaxcala and our culinary home at La Villa Bonita in Tepoztlan. Bring your spirit of adventure as Chef Ana introduces you to a wonderful side of Mexico that few get to discover. Meet everyone from cooks to the top chefs and enjoy the fruits of their labor. This is a two week trip and the destinations change on a yearly basis. Only for those who like the wind in their hair with a sense of adventure.

Over 50% of our Sales Come from Return Guests