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Mexican Cooking Classes

Chef Ana Garcia

is one of the most vivacious traditional Mexican chefs and teachers in Mexico today

Born in Monterrey, Mexico on December 19, 1972 and raised in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, Chef Ana traces her lineage well beyond the Mexican Revolution. Her great grandfather was a contemporary of the famous and revered revolutionary Emiliano Zapata and post-revolution Senator who participated in founding the first constitution for the State of Morelos. Ana’s great grandmother was a well-know butcher with various stands in the large central mercado, revered for her incredible longaniza and chorizo.

Chef Ana on Disney Digital's Babble Eats

The inspiration for Chef Ana’s recipes and hospitality grow out of her long, rich family history in central and northern Mexico. Her abilities as a chef are intricately linked to her close relationship with her mother, aunts, grandmothers and great grandmother, as each passed down their culinary wisdom. She has taken this extensive knowledge and incorporated it into a culinary repertoire that includes traditional central and northern Mexican specialties as well as nouvelle Mexican cuisine using traditional ingredients in new and gastronomically adventurous ways.

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