Why is La Villa Bonita THE place to visit right now?

We are committed to provide a WONDERFUL and SAFE environment for our guests!  It is going to be more fun than ever. Let’s find out what is new and why La Villa Bonita is THE place to visit right now!

We are Vaccinated! You Vaccinate Too!

Chef Ana and Robb are fully vaccinated and boosted as well as our staff. We HIGHLY SUGGEST that you are fully vaccinated and boost prior to traveling internationally.

Guests do not have to use masks on the property nor in the kitchen if they feel comfortable doing so. We have reduced the contact you will have with people who are not in our immediate La Villa Bonita family. We continue to be vigilant and test our employees and ourselves on a regular basis even though we are all vaccinated. All meals and drinks are now included in your package so no need to go out unless you would like to do so! We provide it all here at La Villa Bonita.

La Villa Bonita return guests on the gourmet road trip

All guests must take COVID Test

For your safety and that of our employees we require that all guests to take a COVID test 24 hours prior (or closer) to boarding your flight to Mexico or joining us at La Villa Bonita – whichever is shorter. This is a requirement so that all guests can be at ease in the house and among other guests. We HIGHLY SUGGEST that you are fully vaccinated and boosted prior to traveling internationally.

We also have easy access to the required test for returning to the US or if you would like to do so at any point during your stay. All guests on departure have tested in the Mexico City airport. It is both quick and easy and we will get you back to the airport with plenty of time to make your flight with the required test.


“My Week” Experience

Enjoy a private week with your own itinerary just for yourself or for your group.

Did you ever want a week just for yourself? On certain weeks where we do not have previous reservations, you can come by yourself, as a couple or bring your own group. You can choose your lineup of dishes with the help of Chef Ana. Special pricing applies (as low as $1499 USD plus tax per person) and the more people you bring in your group, the more of a discount is applied. Click here for pricing and more information!


Wide Open Spaces and Plenty of Fresh Air

Feel free to breath deeply

One fabulous feature is the open nature of our facility.  We have plenty of space with constant fresh air! Nothing is enclosed or inside.  Our kitchen is open-air.  Our dining facilities are open-air with plenty of space.  Our rooms do not use recirculated air,  do not have vents connected with other rooms, and we have no closed-in reception areas.  We have plenty of space in our kitchen and dining room to maintain social distancing.  This is a wonderful environment to just relax and forget about the outside world.


We employ the latest cleaning and disinfecting techniques

All employees have completed and passed an intensive course on proper techniques to sanitize your room, common areas, and cooking areas as well as an in depth understanding of the virus. After your room has been cleaned and sanitized, we employ a FDA-approved sanitizing mist and seal off your room until you open it. To clean your room, all employees must wear a mask and gloves. If you do not want your room cleaned, we will honor your request. We keep a daily log of sanitizing and disinfecting procedures in common spaces, kitchen and guests rooms.


All Employees Wear Masks and have daily temperature checks

Employees must wear masks inside of LVB as well when in public. We have reduced your contact with our employees and they have reduced their social contact to immediate family members. All LVB employees are vaccinated as well as Robb and Chef Ana. We have daily temperature checks of all employees and regular meetings to discuss COVID protocols.


Space to Breathe!

With our ample space, we can use our big monstrous upstairs glass table and we each take a corner for our spacey meals and spacey cocktails! You can exclusively enjoy your ample space in front of your room to relax and enjoy the ample gardens and recently remodeled pool.


No better place to visit right now than La Villa Bonita

There is no better place to visit right now than La Villa Bonita! We have space. We have fresh air. We are having fun! You will have an incredible experience at La Villa Bonita and we look forward to receiving you. If you have any questions about how things will work in the upcoming months, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone.

Over 50% of our Sales Come from Return Guests